Our Mission

The Healthy Kids Collaborative catalyzes efforts to improve the physical activity and nutrition
environment for children in Dane County by:

With over 150 partners, we work at the state, county, city and grassroots level through advocacy,
community involvement, continuous learning and evaluation in service to the
children and families of Dane County.

Take Advantage Of Our

Action Teams

Action Teams are short-term, project focused groups. Members of an Action Team are a mix of experts on the subject and community members interested in the topic. The goal of their work is to: Pilot evidenced based or innovative strategies, integrate community voice into the work, evaluate and communicate results and create a policy, system or environmental change.


The Healthy Kids Collaborative is developing community specific tools and resources aimed at increasing the healthy habits of children in Dane County. We are using the 5210 Framework to systematically change the conversations in the doctor’s office from one of weight management to healthy habits.

Healthy Schools Initiative

We aim to make Dane County schools the healthiest in the state. By partnering with school staff and families, we’re working to make each building a healthy place for children to learn.

Have A Great Idea?

We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the health of kids and families in Dane County. We are interested in new partnerships and new projects. This is your opportunity to submit an idea for a future Action Team! Please take a minute to tell us about your idea to get the ball rolling.

4K Healthy School Assessment and Award

A group of 4K educators and administrators in Dane County have recognized the need to strategically look at the way their programs promote physical activity and good nutrition.

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